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We agree. The offering and capabilities of HubSpot are seductive and exciting. It's rather easy to get excited about the possibilities. It's definitely a good idea to have a partner with you as you begin or amplify your journey with HubSpot's amazing suite of tools.

Textile Overview

We've been doing this a while. We started out right where you are, though. Interested, strategic, with vision for the purpose of the tool. Over the years, through lots of jobs, clients, challenging assignments, and study...we learned to be experts.

We're your certified agency partner. We've got enhanced access to HubSpot's teams, to communities of users, and tools. We're ready to bring that all to the table for you.

The custom applications and integrations developed for us by Textile showcased our modern technology story at PTG and was a key factor in distinguishing us from competition in recent business development wins.

~Executive Vice President, PTG

Our basic HubSpot packages

“You can't out-spend the giants, but you can out-think, out-teach, and out-help them.”

Brian Halligan | HubSpot CEO and Founder

Guiding Principles

In considering how can partner, these words represent the targeted dynamics.



High Quality



Design + Strategy

Business Enhancing



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Terms and Conditions—


For projects: 50% down, balance Net15 upon delivery

For programs: Billed monthly, Net15

Legal agreement

Every Statement of Work (“SOW”) and or Schedule of Products or Optional Products shall be shall be deemed to include the terms and conditions contained in the Master Services Agreement (to be signed upon acceptance).  In the event of conflict between any SOW or Schedule and the Master Services Agreement, the Master Services Agreement shall control.

Any project initiated under this quote sets the initial period of the MSA to 1 year.